Changing return air filters

Most of us know the importance of changing out your return air filter on a regular basis.  If you don’t know the importance then chances are your return air filter needs to be changed.  In Arizona most return air vents are located at the ceiling in a centralized location.  Usually in the hallway.  Some filters are located in the air handler which is in the utility closet or garage.  Every three months those air filters need changing.  This is a solid rule in the summer time when A/C is working virtually non-stop.  In the winter months this can be tweeked depending how much you use your heat pump.  Filters come in all different sizes but they are always square or rectangle in shape.  They can be purchased at most hardware stores (I personally recommend Home Depot).  The filters themselves can have a very fine particle removing effect for a greater cost.  I recommend getting the cheap kind and just remember to change them out frequently to get maximum benefit.  The grill the filters are nested behind can get dirty from time to time.  Vacuum the dust away first and if you  feel the need, wipe them with a damp cloth.  Don’t wipe with damp cloth first as this causes a smearing affect making them harder to clean.  I hope this helps and thanks for visiting my site.